We are a German manufacturer, supplier and full – service – specialist
for German bottling – lines 

from the single spare – part to the efficiency – increase for your complete bottling – lines.
for all conveyors, German packers and German bottle – washers
for all line – capacities, for all containers, for Krones, KHS...



what does top do ?
We do everything for your bottling – line: analyze, plan, design,
build, produce, overhaul, repair, do the final assembly, consult ...


what makes us special
We eliminate your line – weaknesses and increase your line – strengths
with revolutionary bottle – flow. For this we offer our top – systems.
We change not only your line, but also your entire company.

so, we are
the greatest energy – saver for your entire company
the greatest cost – saver for your entire company
the greatest personnel – saver for your entire company


With our experience and with ingenious German technology
we increase your machinery + line – efficiencies + automation
with top you have 25% less bottling – weeks ! 


how can you find the appropriate top – products ?


single – part / spare – part 
for your conveyors, packers, washers
>> spare – parts from A – Z see online 


more efficiency for your machinery / line
top – system – solutions + know – how : 
>> single – system – solutions
>> combi – system – solutions  

Or use our navigation to find our spare – parts, systems or technology
Find out what you can achieve with top!


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